FOS4U has a wide experience in asset management activities. We also act as an architect on behalf of our clients, managing the talent of others. We select the best specialists, in legal and tax advice, wealth reviews and lifestyle services, coordinate their skills and monitor their work. Independence, confidentiality, avoid conflicts of interest and guarantee impartial services are the key values of FOS4U.


FOS4U main business is asset management activities. We also offer wealth reviews, asset consolidation, philanthropic advice, lifestyle and specialized investment services in private transport and property sectors, provision of legal and tax advisory services as well as corporate advice. We also provide administrative services, enabling our clients to focus on other aspects of their personal and professional lives. Our goal is to provide the highest degree of personalisation coupled with exceptional service quality.


No conflicts of interest
Integrated management and no overlap
Optimisation of costs, performance monitoring
Maximum privacy and transparency
Highly personalised service
Clear and immediate vision
Investments at an international level, local officer
Continuous monitoring of assets
Continuous analysis of service providers
Assistance in negotiations with counterparts
Consolidated reporting


Verification of costs
Verification of the investment strategy
Verification of the investment parameters
Verification of specific contractual agreements
Verification of the risk


Nicola D’Occhio
CEO and member of the board

Starts as commercial apprentice at Credit Suisse in Chiasso. After obtaining a Federal Diploma of Commerce, works two years at the Securities Back Office of the same firm.
Performs military service (Captain Gr 32 m DCA on final leave) and later moves to Germany to study the language and then works in Zurich always at Credit Suisse.
First at the Money Market Fund service and later at the Internal Audit Department.
For the Internal Audit Department carries out his tasks in Switzerland and abroad, including a professional stay in London.

In 1996 assumes the role of Area Head of the Internal Audit Department of Credit Suisse in Ticino, St. Moritz and Milan.

In 1997 moves to Credit Suisse Private Banking. In 1998 he is appointed Associate and in 1999 Assistant Vice President.

From 1999 to 2004 he was hired by BSI SA as Project Manager and Team Leader for Financial Planning, working to organize and coordinate the worldwide wealth management services for the BSI Group.
During this experience he was appointed Deputy Director in 1999 and Codirector in 2002.

In September 2004 he is included among the ranks of Credit Suisse Private Banking in Lugano acting as financial advisor, later taking charge in the management and in particular the position of Team Leader in 2005, which coincides with the appointment as Director, and Sector Head in 2010.

Thanks to the Federal Diploma in banking, obtained in 1995, and to a wide experience in Wealth Management, in August of 2013 he gets a certificate to practice the profession of Financial Advisor, is registered into the Swiss professional register and creates FOS4U S.A. of which he is the sole shareholder.
Francesco Luraschi
CIO and member of the board

Business economist with more than twelve years of banking experience, first in the field of asset management and then in investment consulting.
Has extensive experience with HNWI and UHNWI customers and in the performance of his duties, he held various specialized roles in particular
with regard to portfolio management, forex trading, derivative instruments strategies and structured products.
In his professional career was also an investment committee member and has provided support for the structuring of training modules and initiatives.
In January of 2015 he gets the certificate to practice the profession of Financial Advisor and he is registered into the Swiss professional register.
Rosmarie Inderbitzin
Managing Director

She started her professional career first at an insurance company and later she was employed by a trustee in Schaan, Liechtenstein.
Following, for more than two decades, she has been a valuable and loyal partner of a law firm in Lugano, for which she performed all the legal and notary duties including the family office tasks for wealthy clients.
Maurizio Adamo
Client Manager

After obtaining, in 1983, the Federal Diploma of Commerce, he works three years in the international payments department at the Cornèr Bank of Lugano.
He later moves to Germany to study the language, and then works at Commerzbank AG in Zurich at the Securities and Foreign Exchange Back Office.
In 1991 he returns to Ticino to be employed at the Banca del Gottardo Foreign Exchange Back Office.
From 1994 until 1999 he moves to Bank Soginvest SA, which later became Bank Cial (Suisse) SA, in Lugano working first three years at the Securities Back Office and then at the Front-Office Securities and performing, as well, a language course of 3 months in London.
From 1999 to 2011 he exerts the financial advisor profession at Unicredit (Suisse) SA Lugano within the Private Banking department.
At the end of 2011 he moves to an asset management company as Client Manager, to manage the interests of its own set of customers and then move, at the beginning of 2016, to occupy the same role for the same customers, at FOS4U S.A.
Raffaella Quadri Arpagaus
Administrative Assistant

Training as assistant manager at the Lausanne Hotel School.
After some years of experience in this field, she enter the business of the legal sector-deed, working as employee in some law firms in Lugano.
In addition to the excellent knowledge in this area, she has also always been in charge of corporate management and accounting of Swiss and foreign companies.
In 2004 she obtained the certificate of Federal Specialist in Finance and Accounting.